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Franchise Affiliate: Li Ceth
WhatsApp (Text Only): 3123543624
Email: liceth345@hotmail.com

Franchisor's Business: https://www.colombiaguide.co/
WhatsApp (Text Only): 3123543624
Email: colombiaguide.co@gmail.com

Franchisor of business colombiaguide.co grants permission to franchise Li Ceth for Marketing and Publicity business operation in all 32 departments in Colombia in exchange for sale

Franchise affiliate would be terminated and franchise agreement would be void if franchise
fails to pay client's commission within a week. Franchise will not receive any current or future 
commissions and franchise web page would be eliminated.

Clients who must file complaints against franchise must write to franchisor at the above address. Franchise must use Franchisor rates for Directory and Video Publicity.

Rates below are for 1 year. These rates do not include IVA.

1) Basic Information for the Directory: Bilingual or Non-Bilingual

2) Additional Information:

Box 350 X 350 PX (Example)

(Web link or PDF link or WORD link $25,000 Extra)

3) Publicity on Video Pages:

4) Hosting for 1 web page with client's URL

Pesos COP



$100,000/ $150.000